Visible Mending


I snapped up this cute Mexican top from a garage sale I happened upon in my local neighbourhood yesterday. It was a bargain and looked like it was in perfect condition. Upon further inspection when I got home I discovered it had a small tear and a few smaller pulls on the front. Bummer! But hey, it cost me $2, I can't complain and it gives me a reason to do some mending. 


I could mend it so it's invisible by patching it from behind with a piece of fabric the same colour and darning it but what's the fun in that?! I'm going to go for some visible mending and make a feature of it.

I could patch it with a contrasting fabric and stitching.

mended cuff
Image source unknown

Or darn it with some contrasting thread.

image source

I could mirror the beautiful embroidery from the neckline but I think I want something simple that doesn't require too much brain concentration. I need to be able to do this in front of the TV in the evening.

Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards the simple darning.

Tags: Mending, Sewing